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Q:  What if the plane/ship/vehicle I want isn't listed?

A:   Send a request to our email and we will cut it out for you.  Be advised it may take a few days, but we can pretty much cut any shape!

Q:  Do the bottle openers require any special care?

A:   Our bottle openers are made from tough stainless steel and don't require any special care - essentially 'fire and forget'!

Q:  Do you offer engraving or personalization services?

A:   YES!  We can customize anything we make - please visit our Engraving page to learn more by clicking the following link:

Q:  What is the turn-around time on an order?

A:   Our time to ship an order varies from item to item and depending on what/how many are ordered.  If you order one of our listed bottle openers, the time to ship will likely be very quick - generally within two or three days.  If several bottle openers are ordered, or a bottle opener with personalization is purchased, or custom art is requested with custom engravings, it can take up to two to three weeks.  That being said, sometimes we can ship even custom items very quickly.  Total work demand impacts any orders placed -- we work hard and as fast as possible to get your items out the door as fast as possible.