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Planeform Aircraft Patterned Leather Coaster Set

$ 35.00

Protect your tables and counter tops in a style sure to impress any Aviation lover with our original Planeform Patterned Leather Coasters.  The six coasters that come in each set are precisely etched with detailed aircraft silhouettes and a matching holder is included.  The material is engineered to take advantage of laser marking and provide good looks and function for years to come.  The designs available are only limited to your imagination although we have a few standard offerings.  

There are several options available for this product detailed below:


Choose your design

**Note all coasters will be the same except for the Avgeek set**

+ The Single Aircraft option is a silhouette of your choosing arranged in our standard 'Classic' pattern (seen in product photos)

+ The Avgeek option is 'dealer's choice' i.e. we pick random aircraft for each coaster with no duplicates, arranged in our 'Classic' pattern

+ The Modern Carrier Air Wing is modern USN aircraft in a unique pattern

+ The Carrier Air Wing is 1960+ USN aircraft in the 'Classic' pattern on each coaster

+ The Airliners option is various airliners in the 'Classic' pattern on each coaster 

+ The Maritime Patrol option is P-3s and P-8s in a pattern on each coaster

+ The Spy Planes option is SR-71s and U-2s in a pattern on each coaster

+ The Air Force Fighters option is various Fighters/Attack aircraft in the 'Classic' pattern on each coaster

+ The Air Force Heavies option is various Transport/Tanker aircraft in the 'Classic' pattern on each coaster (C-130H, J, C-17, C-5. C-141, KC-10, KC-135)

+ The Warbirds option is various WW2 aircraft in the 'Classic' pattern on each coaster

+ Custom - Could be a unique pattern, maybe a logo or squadron patch -- email us what you want and we can make it happen!


Feel free to email us at with any questions or requests.

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